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Unique Places to Put Your Logo

Your logo is literally the image of your business to the world. Where you put it and how you use it are extremely important. A unique place to put your logo is hard to find, because just about every type of area and surface has been tried. Still, there are real options. Logo placement basics The fundamentals of logo placement aren’t as obvious as they seem. The idea of “being visible” can be good or bad, depending how it’s applied:
  • Location values: Where a logo is placed is a matter of visual associations. The logo is shown in a context, depending on where you place it.
  • Location contexts: The best approach to siting a logo is to put it in positive contexts, near a new discount offer, customer services, free items, etc.
  • Location usage: There is such a thing as overkill in logo usage. The idea of “logos everywhere” is counterproductive. The brain screens out unwanted images. They have a negative effect and consumers treat them as such, basically making the swarm of logos useless.
  • Colours and locations: The core issue here is that the logo should be in direct contrast with its surroundings to increase visibility. Generally, this entails a light logo on a dark background, a dark logo on a light background, solid shapes on patterns, etc.
  • Size matters: With a major logo, like a window graphic or other conspicuous site, it is even more important to follow the above criteria for best usage.
Unique logo placement ideas To be truly unique, a logo location has to have a few simple attributes. Most people don’t know that the placement of logos on clothing was originally a unique branding idea. The same applies to shopping bags, cars, and almost everywhere that logos are now common. Unique places for logos include unusual sites, different types of expression of the use of a logo, positioning in commercial areas and on products:
  • Unusual sites: Placement of a logo in an unexpected geographical position is one option. For example, your logo could be strung across a road, or put in a statue form of itself in an appropriate environment.
  • Different types of expression of the use of a logo: If a logo becomes a toy or something more than a mere sign, the uses of the logo expand its visibility. This is a step beyond the commercial gifts version of using logos and adds a bit of fun to the brand image.
  • Positioning in commercial areas: You know where you expect to see a logo. Now think of all the times you’ve seen logos in unusual places, like those “footprints” with logos on them, cut-out 3D logo signs in the consumer access areas, etc. This is good placement and is very flexible. Big entrance and interior mats with logos are also highly effective.
  • Positioning on products: One of the classic examples of unique positioning is the superimposed logo with competition information or other reward-based use.
The driving function of logo positioning is creating value. The best place for any logo is where it gets attention from customers in a positive context. To look at a logo is just the beginning. The effective uniquely sited logo is always a call to action.
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