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The Link Between Anti-Fatigue Mats and Comfortable Standing

Understanding the dynamics of fatigue, how it affects workers, and how to manage it, is important for businesses. In order for a business to succeed, everybody onboard needs to do their job properly. Managing fatigue properly will keep employees working effectively and efficiently for longer.

According to Cleanlink, employees that work standing up often suffer from fatigue due to stress on muscles and joints running from their legs to their back. Muscle and joint pain is a natural result of standing in one place on a hard flooring surface. As a work shift progresses, those aches and pains can lead to general fatigue and poor work performance.

Anti-fatigue matting applied to the floor of a workstation reduces the pressure on an employee's leg muscles and joints. Standing on anti-fatigue matting, which is specially formulated for support and softness, induces leg and back muscles to frequently expand and contract. Frequent muscle activity leads to increased blood flow, and staves off the onset of fatigue at work.

11 years ago