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The best suppliers of carpet tiles in Australia

Where to buy the best carpet tiles in Australia.

At Matshop, we don’t sell carpet tiles. We do, however, meet with hundreds of commercial carpet tile suppliers. As always, we want to give you the most helpful information, even if that means referring you to one of our competitors.

Carpet tiles are a niche industry, so we want to help you make an informed decision with the perfect specialist for your application. Whether you want something cost-effective or something creative and bespoke, we are happy to recommend the perfect supplier.

If you aren’t sure whether carpet tiles are right for you, here is a quick overview of their top benefits. There are heaps of benefits to using carpet tiles instead of a full floor, but here are our top 3:


The top 3 benefits of carpet tiles

  1. Easy to install

Carpet tiles are easy to install. Usually, they connect with interlocking edges. This is ideal for anyone that want to save installation costs and lay their floor themselves. This makes it easier to chop and change flooring as you use your space in different ways.

Many suppliers also offer products that do not need to be stuck down with adhesive, which is great for the environment (and your knuckles).

  1. Cost-effective

Carpet tiles tend to be cheaper, as they can be bulk produced without needing specific measurements. Rather than ordering specific shapes of material, you can measure your space and order the number of tiles you need.

That makes production costs lower for carpet tiles, as custom shapes can be created for less.

  1. Low maintenance

Our favourite thing about carpet tiles is how easy they are to maintain. If a section becomes worn, stained or discoloured, there is no need to replace the entire floor. Simply replace the tile (or tiles) that need it and leave the rest.

Replacing smaller sections means less wasted material, less maintenance work and lower costs all around: it’s a win-win!


The best providers of carpet tiles in Australia

Now you know that carpet tiles are right for your application, you are probably wondering who the best carpet tile providers are. So, here is our unbiased round-up of the best suppliers of carpet tiles in Australia.

  1. Carpet Tiles 1

Carpet Tiles 1 offer a unique opportunity to save money as you buy directly from them: the importer. They boast a 60% reduction in price compared with standard retailers, making their carpet tiles the cheapest in the industry.

As well as carpet tiles, Carpet Tiles 1 offer a range of flooring options, including gym floors and chair mats. All available to buy direct, it is of great quality at a discounted price that cannot be beaten anywhere in Australia.

For cheap carpet tiles, Carpet Tiles 1 is the go-to.

Best for: cost-effective wholesale option.

  1. Acoufelt

At the other end of the scale from cost-effective carpet tiles is Acoufelt. Acoufelt offer top of the range carpet tiles that provide acoustics as well as aesthetics. Acoufelt is designed to absorb sounds, making it perfect for quiet spaces like offices and libraries.

Acoufelt carpet tiles are inspired by interior design and acoustic expertise, allowing them to work well for both applications. They tout increased productivity, communication and mental health as well as reduced stress levels and better privacy as benefits of their products.

For high-end carpet tiles that look smart and sound great, Acoufelt is the best supplier.

Best for: high-end applications and commercial buildings.

  1. Interface

If sustainability is on your agenda for 2022, Interface might be your best option. Having achieved their 1994 mission to offer 100% carbon neutral products, Interface are a force for the environment in the carpeting industry.

From recycling old fishing nets to removing the need for glue, Interface continues to innovate long past achieving neutrality. Moving forward with the new mission to take back the climate, supporting Interface with sales is supporting a greener world.

As the original inventors of the carpet tile, Interface are the best supplier for durable, flexible designs that are great for the planet.

Best for: sustainability and style.

  1. Ontera (Milliken)

Ontera, now part of Milliken, offer a range of luxury carpet tiles in a range inspired by the outdoors. Concrete, nature and water bodies are among some of the inspirations, and all are created with sustainable materials and production methods.

As a larger corporation, Milliken isn’t solely focused on carpet tiles, but they have been experts in printing designs for almost 50 years. Their specialised printing technologies gives designers total creative control, creating the widest range of carpet tile designs in the industry.

For unique carpet tiles with style and sustainability, Milliken is the best supplier.

Best for: unique, nature-inspired designs.

  1. GH Commercial

The last, but by no means the least, on our list is GH Commercial. They tout themselves as biophilic, meaning their products connect people with nature. As an Australasian subset of the world’s largest flooring company, GH Commercial has some solid industry backing.

As well as a great reputation, GH Commercial are doing great things. They aim to completely remove harmful materials and chemicals from their supply chain in a transparent and people-centric business model.

Best for: biophilic designs from an authentic brand.


Where to buy carpet tiles in Australia

This list is not exhaustive, but we have rounded up our favourite suppliers of carpet tiles in Australia. These suppliers all have different USPs, but all offer high-quality products and fantastic customer service.

We always want to give you an unbiased opinion here at Matshop. So, as easy as it would be for us to pretend there is no one as great as us, we like to offer alternatives. Our products can’t be perfect for everyone!

If you would like a more specific recommendation, or you have any questions about carpet tiles or any other matting solution, feel free to reach out to the team. Our friendly matxperts are extremely knowledgeable and love helping you find your perfect mat.

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