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Spills, Slips and Falls

If customers or staff members have a slip or fall in your business premises, you could be liable if you haven’t taken steps to prevent it. Due to occupational health and safety laws you need to provide a safe working environment and a safe place for customers to enter. While you are most likely insured against these kinds of claims, you still don’t want accidents happening around your business, especially when prevention is so easy.
  • Food and liquid spills are a major hazard and one of the main causes of slips and falls. Make sure you clean up spills straight away, using suitable cleaning agents depending on whether the spill is greasy or not. One cleaned, check that the floor is properly dry and place signage in the area if it’s not.
  • The risk of slips and falls increases during wet weather. Place wet weather mats down on the floor and set up umbrella stands to minimise the amount of excess water on the floors of your premises.
  • If your premises has a dance floor, this brings additional risks for slips and falls, which require careful assessment and control measures to be put into place. Limit dancers to designated floor areas, and don’t let them take drinks onto the dance floor. Staff should keep a close watch at all times to help prevent accidents.
11 years ago