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The Role of Mats in Proper Floor Maintenance

A well-placed floor matting system that is properly cared for will significantly reduce the amount of outdoor contaminants, such as dirt, allergens and other debris, that are tracked into a facility. Stan Hulin, president and CEO of Oregon-based Future Floor Technology Inc, says that matting is the first line of defence against dirt and debris for any floor cleaning and maintenance program. It’s estimated that the average person will walk more than half a kilogram of dirt into a building every week.  This is carried throughout the building and can be ground into floors, making floor finishes dull and be absorbed into carpets. Hulin points out that laying seven metres of matting can be effective in removing more than 95% of the soil before it inflicts damage on the interior. Experts recommend sufficient matting to cover at least three to four metres of the entrance into the building. This allows most people to step up to four times on each shoe before entering the building, so that as much of the dirt and contaminants as possible are removed, preventing them from being tracked inside. Source:
11 years ago