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Protecting Your Workers from Falls

Workplace injuries are more common in businesses that do not have a plan in place to protect their workers. Adding non-slip mats, carrying weight limits and other practical solutions will help, but you also have to keep on top of potential slip and fall dangers.
  • Identify dangers in the workplace - you should regularly go around your workplace - whether it is a warehouse, office, or store - and check for dangers to customers and staff. This is the first step to preventing falls.
  • Implement protection - there will be different solutions to different hazards around your workplace and you need to know your options. This can include selecting the right flooring or mats as well as having regular cleaning and site checks.
  • Safety training - train your staff to identify potential problems before someone gets hurt. Even if some dangers can't be eliminated entirely, you can make workers aware of the problems. This will help reduce any potential workplace injuries.
11 years ago