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Preventing Injuries in the Playground

While playtime-induced injuries are very common during childhood, there are still ways that parents can make sure a playground is as safe as possible. Keeping your children safe around playground equipment means educating yourself and knowing what to look for.
  • Playground floor - try to avoid any playgrounds with a very hard surface, such as concrete. This can exacerbate small injuries and be the cause of more serious ones as well. Flooring should be made from shock-absorbing materials, such as rubberised mat or soft grass.
  • Building material - hard materials such as metal and wood are common around playgrounds and they can easily cause head injuries. Try to find playgrounds with added padding.
  • Observe - always keep an eye on small children when they are playing. Don't let very young children play up high by themselves; instead, you should help them.
  • Maintenance - try not to let your children play on any equipment that looks like it hasn't been maintained in a while. If this has happened to a local park near your home, make sure you contact the local council to see if they will fix it up.
11 years ago