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How Older People can Avoid Falls

Each year, one in three people aged over 65 will suffer a fall. There are a range of steps that can help prevent this from happening.
  1. Exercise. Exercises that develop strength and balance should be used after consultation with a health care provider and fitness expert.
  2. Move slowly. People should take their time when getting up from a chair or bed. They should be careful to gain their balance before proceeding.
  3. Eliminate clutter. Objects in the corridor and on staircases are a major cause of falls.
  4. Install non-slip mats. These should be used in the bathroom or anywhere else where water can accumulate.
  5. Avoid uneven flooring. Wrinkles should be smoothed out of carpets and tears should be repaired.
  6. Choose the right shoes. Shoes that are strong and well fitted should be chosen in place of thick-soled running shoes, slippers or high heels.
  7. Review medications. Some medications can cause a loss of balance and these should be discussed with a doctor to identify possible alternatives or coping strategies.
11 years ago