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Which Mats Should I Use In My Business?

Commercial matting is essential in most businesses that want to keep up with occupational health and safety laws and best practice. Using the right mats can not only alleviate and prevent injuries to workers, but can also help prevent your business from being exposed to lawsuits from slips and other injuries from customers.
  • Entrance matting - using mats at the entrance to your business not only helps keep everything clean but it stops customers and workers slipping over as they enter your premises. These really come in useful on wet days when people will have wet shoes when they come in off the street.
  • Anti-fatigue mats - you may have seen mats with small holes in them but be unaware of their purpose. These anti-fatigue mats are great for workers that have to stand for long periods in the same spot.
  • High traffic areas - make sure your business is using mats in high traffic areas. This will help reduce carpet wear as well as prevent slipping on tiles or wooden floors.
11 years ago