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Keeping Senior Citizens Safe at Home

Elderly people are much more prone to slips and falls when they go out or even around their own home. There are some easy steps you can take to protect yourself or an elderly relative from slips and falls around the house.
  • Remove floor clutter - having small objects on the floor (including rubbish) makes it easy to trip over. Make sure there are no items that can cause a slip or small objects that can be tripped on.
  • Add a rug or mat - rugs and mats are great if the house has tiles or wooden floors. Not only should you have them at the entrance way, but throughout the house, especially in slippery wet areas like bathrooms.
  • Power cords - power cords are also one of the most common items that can cause trips and falls at home. Make sure cords are tidy and out of the way. Bundle them up if you can, and don't have cords trailing through the house or across traffic areas.
  • Sweep up - vacuuming and sweeping up around the house can further reduce the risk of elderly people slipping over.
11 years ago