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The Importance of a Good Floor Mat

A good floor mat can prevent over a pound of dirt entering a property each year. It can cost up to $500 to remove that volume of dirt in a commercial building, so a quality floor mat is a worthwhile investment. Mats should be coarse and absorbent. This ensures they are able to remove large debris such as salt and ice, as well as absorb thick oil and other debris from car parks. Matting should be 3 metres long by 2.5 metres wide to ensure it effectively captures the debris and moisture from shoes. Shoes today have more traction than those in the past, which leaves them more prone to collecting dirt and other particles. As mats transition quickly into tile and carpet floors, they are the last chance for outside dirt to be removed. They should be chosen for their effectiveness in doing this work but should also be attractive enough to welcome new visitors. Source:
11 years ago