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The Importance of Entryway Matting in Commercial Buildings

Every commercial building needs a properly planned floor matting system in place to keep out unwanted dirt, dust, and grime. Matting is worth the investment, as it will add up to significant savings on the costs associated with cleaning and maintenance. An estimated 80% of the soil in a building enters on the footwear of the people coming in.  This can add up to 10 kg of dirt with 1,000 people coming through an entrance every day during a three to four week period. It is very costly to remove the dirt once it has entered the building. It can cost as much as $500 to remove just half a kilogram of dirt after it has entered and worked its way through a building. The larger the size of the mat, the more effective it will be in absorbing dirt and debris.  For instance, a 1.5 metre mat keeps out 33% of the dirt, debris, and particulates usually tracked in on the bottom of shoes.  A three metre mat keeps out 52% while a 10 metre mat is 100% effective. Pre-entry scraper mats are effective outside the entryway to buildings, as they scrape shoes clean due to their aggressive tread, which traps the dirt at the base of the mat. Efficient entryway matting reduces the introduction of dust and dirt throughout entryways, resulting in less cleaning chemicals being required and a reduction in labour costs. Source:
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