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How to Reduce Building Maintenance and Safety Costs With Matting

Two of the biggest costs associated with running a business come from building maintenance and safety issues. Well placed matting can drastically reduce both of these associated costs, according to Cleanlink.

Matting has functioned to reduce the cost of building maintenance for a very long time, where it traps dirt and moisture from shoe soles as people walk over it.

Much like a filter, effectively placed matting will prevent moisture and dirt from entering a building. Maintenance staff can ensure the matting filter stays effective by regularly emptying dirt and draining moisture from mat surfaces, rather than sweeping and mopping floors.

Two properties of floor matting help to reduce health and safety issues. High traction matting eliminates the potential for personal injury on slippery floors, while anti-fatigue floor matting provides a specific degree of cushioning underfoot, to prevent muscle aches and joint injuries associated with standing and walking on hard materials.

Combining a high traction surface with anti-fatigue matting reduces the costs of muscle fatigue and personal injury in one package.

11 years ago