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Guide to Laying Synthetic Lawn

Synthetic grass is an excellent outdoor alternative. It’s UV-stabilised, stain resistant and resistant to rot, and can be laid over timber, metal, concrete or packed earth. Before laying, prepare the ground by removing existing weeds and grass with a garden rake.  Scrape away the ground to around 20 mm below the overall height of any paved areas or garden edging that the synthetic grass will be next to. Make sure that the subsoil is lightly dampened and then use a Wacker Packer to compact the soil. When this is done, spread a layer of roadbase or crusher dust over the ground to a thickness of about 15 mm, making sure that it’s distributed evenly, and sprinkle with some water before applying the Wacker Packer. Once any surface hollows have been filled in with fine sand, the first roll of turf can be laid, leaving overhangs at the ends which will be trimmed later so that they match the shape of the paving. Source:
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