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Develop the Best Matting Program for Your Business

Allocating the best possible matting to the most appropriate areas of a building's floor plan is the overall goal of a matting program, according to Cleanlink.

Putting a matting program into place requires careful planning to capitalise on the potential benefits of different matting types.

A coarse fibre mat is best laid by an entrance. When people walk inside, the mat's fibres will remove dirt and moisture from the soles of their shoes. That means maintenance staff won't have as much mopping and sweeping to do around the rest of the building.

Anti-fatigue mats are best placed in work stations for employees that spend long hours standing up. But in the case of chefs, kitchen hands, and dishwashers, there is the moisture issue to consider. Make sure to use porous anti-fatigue mats so the moisture can drain through.

Every mat needs regular cleaning to stay effective. Vacuum and dry all of your matting to remove dirt and moisture.

A well thought out matting program will reduce building operation costs and reduce employee fatigue.

11 years ago