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Creating a Safer Venue

Due to Australian legislation, any venue that hosts guests - such as a bar, club or restaurant - must be safe according to occupational health and safety standards. This includes making sure there are no trip or slip hazards around. Not having a safe venue can leave your business open to lawsuits and lots of unhappy customers. Here are some tips for making your venue safer:
  • Use mats for workers and customers - using non-slip mats in high traffic areas will help reduce any falls. You should also use anti-fatigue mats in kitchens, behind bars and anywhere staff have to stand for a long period of time.
  • Carry out checks - perform regular checks of your venue with managers and other staff members to assess any safety concerns. Having more than one pair of eyes on your venue will alert you to potential problems you may have missed.
  • Act quickly - as soon as a problem is reported, you or your staff members need to deal with it. This is essential when there is a drink spilled or other hazard that has been noticed by customers or staff members.
11 years ago