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Choosing The Best Mat For Your Front Door

The dirt and dust accumulating on the floor of your home is best dealt with sooner rather than later. Sweeping the floor every day prevents dirt from accumulating, which makes the job easier. But there is another way to prevent dirt from getting into your home with an entrance mat.

Entrance mats come in all sorts of shapes, colours and sizes, but they all perform roughly the same function: choosing an entranceway mat will help with removing dirt and moisture from people's shoes before they walk all over the floor of your home. Home Tiny has a great list of matting possibilities for your home or business.

Carpet entrance mats have a rubber or vinyl backing to provide floor traction and can sit inside or outside the front door, removing debris and moisture from shoe soles.

Rubber doormats are very durable, making them an ideal choice to leave outside a home regardless of what the weather decides to do, plus they're easy to clean.

Waterhog doormats have a highly textured surface that does miracles to remove dirt from people's shoes.

Coir or Coco doormats also feature a heavy texture, much like a floor brush, and will remove heavily caked dirt from shoes.

Interior doormats have more potential to fit in with a home decoration scheme. These types of mats have the biggest variety of prints and colours available, allowing for colour coordination or contrast as the situation requires.

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