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How to Keep a Business Clean

Building managers should take a range of steps to keep their buildings clean and green.
  1. Focus on floors. Floors get very dirty in poor weather. It’s important to scrub them thoroughly and coat them to protect against future dirt build up.
  2. Clean carpets. Carpets are often neglected in winter, which allows dirt to accumulate. They should be thoroughly cleaned at the start of the season.
  3. Install good quality mats. At least one square metre of matting should be placed inside the entrance to prevent debris from being brought into the building.
  4. Fix defects in the floor. Soil and other contaminants can become trapped in cracks and chips in the floor.
  5. Know cleaning products well. Some products are best applied at certain temperatures. It’s important to know product specifications well, so the right products are chosen for each job.
  6. Use natural products. Green cleaning products should be chosen over conventional chemicals whenever possible.
11 years ago