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The Benefits of Mats

Good quality matting systems can ensure a cleaner, safer workplace. However, many building managers remain unaware of the full impact they can make. A high performance matting system can prevent up to 80% of outdoor soils from being brought into the building. A good system has a range of components. A scraper should be placed outside the building, a wiper or scraper mat should be placed directly inside the entranceway, and a wiper mat should be placed in the lobby. High performance mats are usually purchased rather than rented and usually last several years. In comparison, rental mats often only last a few months. Mats should be kept clean with regular vacuuming, preferably using an upright vacuum. The roller brush on an upright vacuum unsettles the mat’s fibres, which helps to extract debris stored inside. Mats should also be cleaned using a carpet extractor to help remove deeply enmeshed contaminants. It’s important to speak with an expert to determine the right matting system for a particular building. Source:
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