A doormat lies out of place on a marble floor. The blog header reads Are You Using The Wrong Mat?
By Matly
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Are you using the wrong mat?

The most common mat-mistakes and how to fix them.

If your mat isn't doing its job as well as you'd hoped, we can help. You don't have to put up with the wrong type, low quality or past-its-prime matting any longer.

If you're struggling to work out whether it's the mat or you (hint: it's not you), here is a handy guide to make it easier. There is always a better option, so switch your subpar mat for one that goes above and beyond.

Remember, for more personalised suggestions, our team of friendly matxperts are always happy to help.

Are you using the wrong mat? Tips and tricks to help you choose the right mat for the job.

2 years ago