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Your door is the window to your home.

Make a great first impression with a smart and stylish doormat of your choice. Let your doorway tell guests what to expect when they get inside and what you’re all about. But door mats do more than just look pretty. Keeping a doormat at the entrance to your home or business helps keep the dirt outside. Choose from a range of additional features: absorbency, personalisation, easy-clean, non slip backing, bristles to scrape shoes or coir and other sustainable materials. Finding a doormat to fit your home is simple, fast and comes with a 365-day money-back guarantee.

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Exterior door mats keep your interior clean

Keeping a mat outside means that’s where the dirt stays. As dirty shoes pass over your mat, it traps and hides it from sight. The mat scrapes the bottom of every shoe, even if the wearer doesn't wipe their feet.

Front door mats for indoors and out

Door mats keep the dirt outside, but you can use them inside too. Placing a mat just inside your doorway is a great way to jazz up your hallway while providing a dirt-collecting service that will save you hours of vacuuming.

Door mats for a safer Australia

In Australia, slippery floors and mats are a leading cause of falls. A non slip entrance door mat removes the slip hazard and helps you keep your guests and family safe. By keeping your doorway safe and stylish, you won’t ever need to worry about your home making a bad first impression.

Personalised door mats make the perfect present

Gifts for weddings, housewarmings and more are all sorted with a thoughtful and practical personalised door mat. If your mate has just launched a new business, put their logo on a doormat to celebrate. The possibilities are endless and will always be met with gratitude.

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Door Mats