Chair Mats for Carpet

Carpets don’t get scratched, but they do get damaged.

Holes, tears and patches are common wear and tear in carpets, but office chair casters make them appear sooner than they should. Protecting your carpet is as simple as placing a mat between the object causing trauma and its surface, so a chair mat is the only barrier you need underneath your computer chair. Clear and inconspicuous, hard plastic chair mats protect your carpets without sacrificing style or consistency. High or low pile, underlay or none, every carpet is guaranteed to last longer with a chair mat keeping it wear-free. We deliver all our chair mats flat, so you don’t need to worry about unrolling, dents or cracks.

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Computer chair mats for carpet and for you

Chair mats don’t just protect your carpet, they protect your back from unnecessary tension as you wheel around your office, home office or gaming station. Under the chair mat for carpet are small grippers, which dig into the pile and hold the mat in place. The edges of all our chair mats can be ramped, so your computer chair can wheel on and off with ease.

Below is a step by step guide to assist in making this task easy:

  1. Measure the thickness of the carpet and underlay using a long drawing pin (or straighten the end of a paper clip). Insert the straight end into the carpet and through the underlay until it hits the solid surface below the underlay. (Some carpets have a tightly woven backing so you may have to wiggle the paper clip or pin gently to force it through).
  2. When the pin or paperclip hits the hard subfloor below, grip it with your index finger and thumb right at the highest point of the carpet. Be careful not to press down as this will give you a false reading. 
  3. Remove the paper clip or pin from the carpet and measure from the end to your fingers. This will be the total height of your carpet and this measurement can be used when buying your Matshop chair mats.
  4. Note: Be sure to include the underlay in your measurement, most (99.9%) domestic homes have a 10mm underlay and will fall into the thick pile category.

Desk chair mats for thick carpet

The best chair mat for high pile carpet is one with long grippers. That is where most cheap chair mats go wrong, and where many of our customers waste their money. If your carpet is particularly high, the length gripper that you would need to hold your chair mat completely still are unsafe to produce and ship, so you may still see some movement with even the highest quality mats.

Office chair mats for carpet in your home office

If you work in a home office, destroying your carpet with an office chair is a double worry. Not only is it unsightly and unsafe, but you will also bear the brunt of any and all expenses for fixing your worn-out carpet! Investing in a great quality carpet protector mat under your computer chair from the moment you first sit on it is the best way to prevent damage from occurring.

Chair Mats for Carpet