Plush Pile Polypropylene Chair Mat

Plush Pile Polypropylene Chair Mat

Heavy Duty Custom Size Chair Mat for Carpets without underlay 1500mm wide

Made to order ships within 5-7 days

This Heavy Duty chair mat can be custom made to your required length and is suitable for placement onto carpet surfaces, without underlay up to 12mm thick. On the underside of the mat is a series of grippers or studs that hold the mat in place on a carpet floor which prevents movement as the chair or chairs roll over the mat. Manufactured from a pure PVC material, the Heavy Duty chair mat range does not contain toxic substances meaning that they are ideal for use in enclosed offices.

The 1500mm wide Heavy Duty Custom Size Chair Mat for medium pile carpets is a durable and long lasting chair mat designed for frequent usage.  The leather grain surface pattern provides traction for the surface and an easy to roll surface. On the underside of these chair mats is a series of grippers that anchor the mat in place on carpet floors, these studs or grippers are spaced evenly over the mat to prevent movement as a rolling chair moves over or around on the mat. Made from a clear pure PVC material that does not contain toxic additives this mat is safe to use in enclosed environments like work stations, home offices and other enclosed areas. Because of its transparency, the flooring below shows through the floor protection mat therefore not intruding on the beauty of your workspace.

*Note: Whilst the overall appearance of the mat is clear, some colour imperfections may occur during the manufacturing process from the machinery which is unavoidable. They do not affect the wear or performance of the mat. 

It is very easy to maintain the Heavy Duty Office chair mats, build-up of dust can be easily swept clean or vacuumed off the mat and a regular mop is recommended with warm water only. For full instructions please refer to the cleaning instructions tab.