Chair Mats

Chair Mats

A chair mat that lasts & doesn't crack, that is the reason these mats have become Australia's highest rated chair mats.

12-year warranty


AUS highest-reviewed chair mats

Chair Mats
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Chair Mats

We are proud to offer Australia's favourite office chair mat. Whether you work from home alone or run an office with hundreds of chairs, the wheels ('casters') will quickly damage any unprotected floors. Wheeling around uneven floors also causes unnecessary strain for you and your employees.

The best computer desk mats are transparent, so you will barely notice them. Save your back, protect your floors and maintain the style of the room. We also have a unique range of soft chair mats, so your feet can rest on a plush, absorbent surface if that's what suits your space best.

Find a detailed guide to buying a chair mat in our learning centre. Whatever you choose, all Matshop's heavy-duty chair mats are covered by an exclusive 12-year warranty. That is the longest warranty in the industry!


Choose your chair mat according to your floor type and application:

Chair mats for carpet

If you work in a home office, destroying your carpet with an office chair is a double worry. Not only is it unsightly and unsafe, but you will also bear the brunt of any and all expenses for fixing your worn-out carpet! Investing in a great quality carpet protector mat under your computer chair from the moment you first sit on it is the best way to prevent damage from occurring.

Office chair mats for carpet have small grippers on their underside. These dig into the carpet and hold the mat in place. Protecting carpet from office chairs is often an office manager’s main priority, as torn carpets are easily noticeable and expensive to repair. Many of our customers ask specifically for carpet protection mats!

The best chair mat for high pile carpet is one with long grippers. That is where most cheap chair mats go wrong, and where many of our customers waste their money. If your carpet is particularly high, the length gripper that you would need to hold your chair mat completely still are unsafe to produce and ship, so you may still see some movement with even the highest quality mats.

Chair mats for hard floors

When your floor is flat and smooth, you don’t need grippers to hold your mat in place. There are 2 material options for hard floors: carpet and PVC. The carpet-surfaced mats have an absorbent plush surface and a rubber non slip backing. The PVC mats are smooth on both sides.

Find out all you need to know about hard floor chair mats.

Gaming chair mats

Gaming chair mats might be for hard floors or carpet.


Check out this step-by-step guide on how to choose the best chair mat for more help if you’re not sure.


High-quality computer chair mats are a cost-efficient investment

Replacing floors is very expensive but spending more on mats for your office chairs is guaranteed to save you money in the long run. Your floors deserve great quality protection that lasts and lasts. Our heavy-duty mats are so durable that we can guarantee they will last at least 12 years. They won't need replacing every 6 months like cheaper brands and are sturdy enough for heavy people.


Arrange your office chair floor mats to optimise productivity

Standard-sized chair mats sit right under each chair, and custom-sized ones can be fitted to any area. For help creating the ideal working environment, reach out to one of the team or check out this article on arranging your working area for maximum productivity.



Frequently Asked Questions

Do I need a chair mat on carpet?

Yes. Although we immediately think of lovely hardwood floors becoming ruined by scratching chair casters, carpets are also at risk. Carpet protectors prevent holes, tears and tangles in carpet pile.

What is the best chair mat for carpet?

The best chair mat for carpet is one with the perfect length grippers. The ideal length depends on whether your carpet is laid on underlay. If you aren't sure if you have underlay, you probably do. 99% of our customers do have underlay.

What is the best chair mat for plush carpet?

Plush carpets need grippers that match. The best chair mats for plush carpets have long grippers that reach down through the pile and prevent slipping. Please note that some level of movement on very long plush carpets is inevitable as the grippers would have to be dangerously long to accommodate.

Do I need a chair mat on hardwood?

Hardwood floors always need a mat to protect them from scratches and worse. Constant wheeling over hard floors is one of the fastest ways to scuff and devalue your floor.

What is the best chair mat for hardwood floors?

There are 2 options for hardwood floors: transparent plastic chair mats without grippers or a carpet surfaced chair mat with a rubber backing. Both are excellent but the best option for you depends on your needs. If, for example, you would like optimal slip resistance and a comfortable, absorbent surface, a carpet-surfaced chair mat will suit your needs best. If you need something subtle that won't alter the style of the room, a transparent plastic chair mat is best!

How to keep the chair mat from sliding on hardwood floors?

Any great mat should not slide around on hardwood floors. To get the most out of your hard floor chair mat, thoroughly clean and dry the floor underneath before you place it down. If you have purchased a low-quality chair mat that does slide around, check out this article on preventing mats from moving around.

Can you use a hard floor chair mat on carpet?

We do not recommend using any mat for applications other than the one it is made for. Using the wrong chair mat can damage the mat and will not protect your floor fully. Incorrect use may also void. your warranty.

Are chair mats recyclable?

Most chair mats are not recyclable, but Matshop is proud to be able to fully recycle yours at the end of their life! Send it back to us and our partners will turn it into pipes and other plastic items.

Can I use a rug as a chair mat?

We do not recommend using anything other than an actual chair mat underneath your office chairs. Desk rugs are usually another type of mat.

Can you put a chair on an anti fatigue mat?

We do not recommend placing any mat other than a chair mat underneath a chair. Anti fatigue mats are generally much thicker and softer than chair mats, and doing so is likely to damage both the mat and the floor underneath.

Do chair mats ruin carpet?

A chair mat for carpet will not damage your carpet. It will protect it! Make sure you buy the appropriate product for your carpet (with or without underlay).

Do I need a chair mat?

If you regularly use office chairs with wheels and would like to protect your floor from damage, we highly recommend placing a mat below your chair.

How to flatten a plastic chair mat?

Trying to flatten any mat that was delivered rolled is one of the most frustrating things you could experience. We wouldn't wish it on our worst enemy. So, we always deliver all our mats flat.

How to keep the chair mat from sliding on carpet?

A great chair mat should not slide around on carpet. To get the most out of your carpet chair mat, thoroughly clean the carpet underneath before you place it down. If you have purchased a low-quality mat that does slide around, check out this article on preventing mats from moving around.

Why are chair mats so expensive?

Any great quality mat costs more than a cheap one, but it is always a long-term investment that will save you money. Considering a cheap chair mat might have a lifespan of 6 months, our 12-year warranty means you will have saved money in a fraction of that time.

Can you cut a chair mat?

While we don't recommend DIY if you do not have the experience, you can cut your mat yourself. A much better option, however, would be to order a custom-size one from us! That way, your warranty will remain valid and you know the job has been done properly.

Can I use carpet mats in my office?

If your office has a hard floor, you can place a carpet-surfaced chair mat underneath. These have a rubber backing that keeps them in place and is very low profile for easy manoeuvring.

Do I need a chair mat on laminate or vinyl floor?

You do need a chair mat on a vinyl floor or laminate, just like you do on a hardwood floor. Any floor that you want to protect from chair casters will benefit from a mat!

How thick of a chair mat do I need?

The ideal thickness for your chair mat is something durable enough to support your chair while still being easy to roll on and off. Our chair mats start at 3.5mm thick (for hard floors).

How to clean plastic chair mats?

All our plastic chair mats are extremely easy to clean. The smooth surface is wipeable - which takes just a few seconds.

How to make a chair mat?

We always recommend buying professionally made products from us or another quality supplier. But, if you fancy the DIY challenge, here is our advice on how to make your own chair mat.

What size chair mat do I need?

We are proud to offer the only custom-sized chair mats in Australia! Depending on the size of your office, you can choose between a standard or custom size chair mat. Standard sizes are perfect for single chairs, but custom sizes can suit entire offices or interestingly shaped workstations.

Where to buy chair mats?

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