Heavy Duty Chair Mat for Carpet Without Underlay 910 x 1200mm keyhole shape 12 Year Warranty

Heavy Duty Chair Mat for Carpet Without Underlay 910 x 1200mm keyhole shape 12 Year Warranty

Chair mat photo is taken on a black piece of carpet

Heavy Duty Chair Mat for Carpet Without Underlay 1170 x 1500mm rectangle shape 12 Year Warranty

Heavy Duty Chair Mat for Carpet Without Underlay Carpet 1130 x 1340mm keyhole shape 12 Year Warranty

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Made in USA. BPA and Phthalate FREE! Greenguard Certified for low emissions and low odour.Covered by a 12 Year warranty and with a total thickness 6.7mm or 3.5mm thick excluding the grippers, this heavy duty chair mat is designed for use on carpet with no underlay up to 12mm total thickness. Free from harmful plasticisers, these chair mats include thick grippers and are made to last. Like all the Mat Shop chair mats, these mats are delivered flat NOT rolled up ready for immediate use.

Made in USA the Medium pile heavy duty chair mats are designed to be used on carpet without underlay with a thickness of 12mm or less. The surface is a smooth transparent finish is ultra-clear as the material is extruded twice removing any impurities and imperfections. On the underside of the mat is a series of grippers designed to hold the mat in place on carpet and prevent movement while in use. These grippers are a special design to prevent piercing through carpets to eliminate damage to your existing floorcovering.

These chairmats are made from pure PVC that is twice extruded to remove any impurities making the mat more durable. The material is free from plasticisers that contain harmful elements making the mat safe to use in rooms. By not using these plasticisers the mat has a far less odour.

Being a smooth surface makes the medium pile chair mats easy to maintain, for detailed instructions please visit the cleaning instructions tab.


*Whilst the overall appearance of the mat is clear, some colour imperfections may occur during the manufacturing process from the machinery which is unavoidable. They do not affect the wear or performance of the mat.

** Heavy Duty Chairmats are manufactured from flexible PVC to prevent cracking which is the most common issue experienced by Chairmat users. The flexibility can result in indents in the surface  

*** Our chairs mats now exclusively use anchor bars, that are both hand and carpet safe. Whilst they are designed to prevent the mat slipping on carpet, they do not prevent the mat moving altogether.

****This option is suitable for use on carpets without underlay up to 12mm. We do not recommend this for use within a home. For information on how to check your carpet view our video here:https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=OweOVVz39n8

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