Warehouses made safer.

For anyone in charge of keeping a warehouse floor safe, mats are the easiest, most cost-effective method of doing so. Whether workers are on their feet all day or floors get wet sometimes, there are warehouse floor mats to make your workplace safer.

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Rubber warehouse mats

Anti fatigue mats and non slip mats are most popular, but rubber warehouse mats come with a variety of safety features. Ramped edges, safety borders and water drainage are some features you can add to your mat. Or, choose a specialised safety feature like heat resistance and boot cleaning. As well as protecting floors, all our mats look smart and last a long time.

Warehouse door mats

It isn’t just your warehouse floor that needs a safety mat. Entrance mats remove up to 80% of dirt and allergens from the soles of shoes, protecting floors and the people that walk on them. Warehouse door mats are critical for preventing slips, trips and falls and keeping inside areas clean and dry. You can keep your warehouse door mat on-brand with a printed logo or add a safety message to boost protection even more!

All warehouse mats

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