Rubber Mats

Nature’s most resilient resource.

Rubber mats are the best of both worlds: they flex to provide comfort while being more durable than PVC or silicone. They are optimal for heavy duty use, including areas that see very high traffic and movement. Rubber is also extremely resistant to weather, so they are perfect for outdoors come wind, rain or sun. Rubber mats also continue to work well inside where liquid is present. Even corrosive liquids such as oil and chemicals can be spilt on some of our heavy duty rubber mats, so have a browse and find the perfect one for your application.

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Rubber floor mats are the safest choice

Rubber is naturally non-slip, so it is the perfect option for making busy walkways safer. Their underside causes friction with the ground, holding the mat in place, so even mats with just a rubber underside can be certified non slip. For rubber-backed mats with an alternative surface, check out our range of rubber door mats.

Heavy duty rubber mats for all applications

For areas that need something sturdy and secure, rubber mats are the ideal solution. Choose from designs with holes for water drainage or scrapers for a cleaner floor. For a more natural look, go for a coir-surfaced mat with a rubber backing. You can even personalise your rubber-backed door mat whether it is surfaced with coir, nylon or any other material.

Rubber mat rolls and tiles

For areas that need a temporary, moveable or uniquely-shaped matting solution, rubber matting tiles and rolls are best. Rolls are rubber strips that can be easily cut to your required length, and tiles are interlocking rubber squares that can cover areas of any size and shape. For event flooring that needs to be moved and replaced elsewhere, tiles are perfect because they are light and easy to install.