Personalised Mats


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Personalised Mats

Personalised Mats

Matshop’s personalised door mats are the ideal way to greet guests, employees or customers as they step over your threshold. Anyone that enters your premises is presented with your custom message, design or business logo on a high quality mat that looks great and is highly functional. Our door mats have been developed to absorb dirt, debris and moisture, preventing any outdoor mess from being spread around the building and keeping your indoor areas clean.


Customised Mats for High Traffic Areas


Whether you need a mat for low, medium or high traffic areas, we have the solution for you. We can create customised logo mats that can cope with a large amount of footfall and light wheeled traffic. This makes them ideal for environments such as shopping centres and commercial buildings. Our mats have a nitrile rubber backing to keep them firmly in place and stop them from curling at the edges or becoming rucked up.


Quality Images That Last


We use a range of different printing methods to ensure your image is of the highest quality and won’t wear away or fade over time. The type of mat that you choose depends on where you wish to place it, whether it will be indoors or outdoors, if it will be subject to harsh sunlight, how busy the area is, how much dirt it will be subject to, and the image and logo you want to print.


Our Printing Methods


Our in-house design service can achieve the perfect mat for you.


For medium traffic areas we can print simple logos and designs that incorporate up to four colours using the Crisp Imprint method. Here, we achieve a sharp image by flocking your design onto the mat.


For high traffic environments, we can use the Graphic Inlay logo method. With this method, solution dyed carpets are set into the mat and then pressed together to form a permanent bond. We use standard colours and the image will not fade or discolour over time. With sublimation mats, your image or photograph is printed off in full colour and then pressed into a rubber material or a polyester surface. This is then bonded to a rubber backing.


Choose from Indoor Logo Mats, Outdoor Logo Mats, Full Colour Logo Mats, Anti Fatigue Logo Mats, Tile Logo Mats and Bar-Runner Logo Mats.


Indoor Logo Mats


Our Indoor Logo Mats include Mats made from hard-wearing Nylon, Nylon Twist, Polypropylene, and 100% Natural Coir. Our Double Nylon Twist Pile Mat is an ideal indoor welcome mat for just about anywhere. The mat will absorb water and draw dirt to the base of the mat to prevent it being trodden indoors by the next person that stands on it. Our PVC Loop Pile Mat can be used indoors or outdoors - and can also serve as an anti-slip mat in wet areas.


Mats for Outdoor Use


Choose our Heavy Duty Reinforced Logo Mat if you need a mat to use outdoors under cover. Ideal for environments like schools and banks, place this mat anywhere which experiences heavy traffic on a daily basis.


With our Custom Printed Low Profile Outdoor Rubber Scraper Mat, your logo is molded into the mat when it is made so it will last the life of the mat. You can choose any design or image you like, even a full colour photograph, and the colour choices are unlimited.


Our High Traffic Inlaid Berber Mat is made from a blend of solution dyed fibres. It will remove light soiling from feet and then channel the dirt to prevent it from being picked up by other pedestrians.


Anti-Fatigue Mats for Comfort


For a mat that provides comfort where people are standing for long periods of time, our High Comfort Custom Printed Logo Anti Fatigue Mat is the perfect solution. This mat has a 100% nitrile rubber surface with a closed cell foam underside. It is odourless so you can use it in small, enclosed spaces. We can print any design you choose on this mat and the image we achieve will have as much detail as a photograph.


Still not sure which mat is the best for your environment and logo? Contact us to discuss your requirements and find out more.