Ground Protection Track Mat Hexagon Grip 550 x 2300mm

Ground Protection Track Mat Hexagon Grip 550 x 2300mm

Animal Egress Matting for Fauna

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The Animal Egress Matting for Fauna is a hardwearing open weave mat designed for use on the side of dam walls. This matting works to allow fauna to escape the dam or waterhole and prevent them from being trapped injuring these animals or wildlife and causing damage to the HPDE or other dam lining. As most of these ponds or dams are located in dry areas this attracts a variety of wildlife and animals to drink from these water holes. The thick construction will stand up to many animals including large cattle through to horses goats and sheep and also native wildlife such as kangaroos, dingos, wombats and right down to smaller echidnas or other native species.

Made from a flexible rubber formula, this egress matting will conform to the section of dam or wall that you are placing the mat yet provide a slip resistant surface. The large holes in the mat allow for water to drain through and the raised underside pattern will allow for the mats to continually drain providing a high grip and allowing the animals and fauna to escape easily.
The fauna matting can be pinned down with pegs to secure the egress matting in place in the animal escape ramp. Depending on the size of the dam or pond will depend on how often the Egress Matting is placed.

Once installed this material is virtually maintenance free. Apart from an inspection for damage caused by large beasts this matting