Safety Mats

Safe workplaces foster productivity.

If you work in a high-risk environment, safety mats are an easy investment in accident and injury prevention. Safe working environments are more motivating, fulfilling and sustainable, and creating one is inexpensive and simple. Depending on your profession, it might also be the law. Build a safer workspace from the ground up with mats for every trade, every room and every application.

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Welding mats keep sparks at bay

When you’re working with sparks, you need to make sure they don’t stray. Preventing burns, fires and floor damage is the main priority for many welders, and a simple spark-resistant mat can do all the above and more.

Anti-static mats for safe electrical work

Sparkies also need a way to prevent sparks from harming them and their workplace. Anti-static mats distribute electrical charge throughout their surface, stopping those pesky shocks from giving you a hard time.

Fire-resistant mats for firefighters and home fire pits

Whether you play with fire at work or at home, protecting the floor is vital for safety and aesthetics. A BBQ or fire pit can cause serious damage in record time – especially in Australia. Fire-resistant mats are an important safety feature: they slow the spread and give people in the area more time to react.

Floor mats for safety standards

Safety mats are a legal requirement in many Australian workplaces. Our range of mats meet the various standards that they are designed for. If you aren’t sure what that is then our team of experts are happy to help.

Safety mats for all applications

Ute mats, kitchen mats, bog mats and cleanroom mats. Any area can be made safer with a specialised safety mas, so order online or get in touch for a more personalised recommendation.

For assistance on compliance issues and our range of safety mats, reach out to one of the team who will be happy to help.

Safety Mats