Social Distancing Floor Stickers

Keep customers safe, keep COVID out.

Uphold the health and safety in your facility with these clear and easy to see floor stickers. Designed to encourage and enforce social distancing, these social distancing floor stickers are easy to install and peel up without leaving residue on your floor. With the option to customise with your branding or a unique message, these floor stickers add a personal touch that provides an opportunity to upsell or cross-sell while reinforcing an important message. All social distancing floor decals are laminated with a scuff-resistant film and printed with high-quality fade-resistant ink. Unlike cheaper alternatives, these floor stickers will not peel over time to create a floor safety hazard.

Social Distancing Floor Stickers | Order Standard Or Personalised

Social distancing floor stickers

The best way to make sure your business follows COVID safety regulations is to show your customers exactly where they need to stand. Place the stickers 1.5m apart from each other in areas that customers queue, stand or walk. Once the stickers are down, your job is done as even small children will be able to understand where they should go. Social distancing floor stickers require little to no maintenance, including cleaning!

Maintain your customers’ health

Show your customers that you care about their health by helping them to do the right thing. Aside from handing out vaccinations at your business place, social distancing floor stickers are the most useful way to help others stay safe from COVID-19. With personal space being given more priority over the past few years, showing customers where to stand will be helpful even once the pandemic is over.

Comply with social distancing regulations

Prevent your business from being hit with a hefty fine and gain loyalty from your customers. Customers know that businesses taking COVID regulations seriously care about their health, and non slip surfaces help you do so even more. Compliance at the very minimum, but a smart business move too.

Social Distancing Floor Stickers