Event Flooring

Your event’s success stands on the floor.

If you work in events or throw the occasional party, you know how important the right flooring is. Get it wrong and your whole day could – quite literally – be ruined. Get it right, though, and you have something aesthetically pleasing and practically useful. The right event floor covering will go with the overall theme while keeping cleaning efforts and floor repairs to a minimum.

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Artificial grass maintains the best of both worlds

Real grass looks and feels amazing…in the ideal weather. Just a few drops of rain or a little too much sun and your real grass turns from delightful to disastrous. Brides walking through muddy fields and group photos with burned brown blades underfoot are quick ways for the weather to ruin the day. Artificial grass is UV-resistant, a great shoe-scraper and never gets bogged underwater!

Event flooring tiles keep costs down for multiple events

If you run events in multiple areas, you want event flooring you can put together and take apart easily. Carry event flooring tiles with you wherever your event goes and be confident in the knowledge that you can easily piece them together to become as sturdy as a permanent floor. Choose additional safety features depending on your event: non slip, anti fatigue and ramped edges? No problem.

Red carpets, white carpets and everything in between

Temporary carpets are great for indoors, but they can be used outdoors undercover too. Carpets look great while removing dirt from shoes, keeping your event dirt-free and dazzling. Temporary outdoor flooring for weddings is often a white carpet runner down the aisle, but it can be anything you choose. Red carpets are a firm favourite for glamour inside and out, and more subtle carpet tiles are perfect for corporate and serious events.