Wheelchair & Mobility Ramp mats


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  1. Rubber Wedge Threshold Ramps

    Rubber Wedge Threshold Ramps

    These rubber threshold ramps are suitable for all types of traffic foot and wheeled traffic. The unique design provides traction and is designed to accommodate wheelchairs, trolleys and pedestrians. These ramps are suitable for use outdoors.

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Wheelchair & Mobility Ramp mats

When moving a wheelchair or mobility scooter in and out of your premises, you need peace of mind that the ramp will be safe, sturdy, and provide adequate grip for wheels and pedestrians. Matshop’s rubber wedge threshold ramps make entering and exiting your establishment as easy and safe as possible for everyone, whether they are in a wheelchair or unsteady on their feet.


Versatile Rubber Threshold Ramps


They are equally suitable for trolleys and any other wheeled traffic, providing smooth access to your property without any harsh bumps. Place your rubber ramp in front of a kerb, step, doorway or threshold to make life a little easier for wheelchair users.


Wheelchair Ramp Mats for Safe Access


Our rubber ramps for wheelchairs are designed to ramp up to the doorway or be used as a threshold ramp. Designed to be suitable for outdoor use, they are longer at the front to accommodate longer wheeled traffic. Our rubber ramps are suitable for factories, warehouses and all doorways, and have a patterned surface to provide traction and prevent slips. All three sides are bevelled to minimise any risk of tripping.


Practical and Sustainable Rubber Ramps


Our environmentally friendly wheelchair ramp mats are made from compressed recycled rubber, which we source from recycled car tyres. They are formed under high pressure to achieve a product that is strong, durable and long lasting. They are available in four thicknesses; 25 mm, 32 mm, 44 mm, and 55 mm to suit the height of your doorway.


To clean your rubber threshold ramp, simply sweep it clear of dirt, leaves and debris, or mop the surface to remove more ingrained dirt.


Contact us to find out more, or for help in choosing the best rubber driveway mat for your premises.