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What is the right Chair Mat for me

Making sure that you have the right chair mat in place is important if you want to get the maximum life out of these mats. With many chair mats available selecting and making sure that the mat that will suit your application is delivered will see that you get a long life from this product and that the mat is both functional and safe to use, saving you both time and money. So how do we choose the correct chair mat? The answer is simple, at Matshop we are committed to providing not only the best before and after sales service we go the extra miles to make sure that you are completely satisfied with your purchase. We have put together a simple and easy to follow guide to assist you finding out what chair mat will perform best in your workspace. This easy to follow guide can be viewed at By making sure that you have the right chair mat you will not only save your floor coverings from wear and tear caused by the chair castors and create a safer and more comfortable work area, you will also get the longest life out of the mats as they will not crack. All of the Heavy Duty Chair mats in the Matshop range are covered by the 4 year warranty against premature wear including cracking and faulty workmanship. If your mats fail within that time simply get in touch with Matshop and they will be replaced. The mats are made using pure refined products and are extruded extra this makes the mats ultra-durable and rigid yet not brittle. To view the complete chair mat range visit This includes mats for carpet in all thicknesses and hard floor options.
11 years ago