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Top Tips to Stop Dirt At the Door

Mats are an excellent way of keeping dirt in its proper place where it is easier to clean up and does not end up being tracked throughout the home. Place doormats at every entrance to the home, both inside and outside. An entryway doormat is extremely effective, as the majority of the dirt and grime that is brought in arrives unnoticed on the soles of shoes. Choosing a doormat that is the right size will greatly reduce the amount of time spent cleaning and washing down dirt.  For best results, the size of the mat should be long enough so that it can be walked across with both feet before entering the home, but no wider than the actual doorway. That way, people are literally shifting off the dirt onto the mat as they walk along it. For indoors, choose an acrylic mat with either a vinyl or rubber backing that can be vacuumed easily or shaken to remove the dirt.  A darker-coloured mat will hide the worst of the dirt. Floor mats can be useful inside the home around high-traffic or spill-prone areas such as the fridge, bath and toilet. Source:
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