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There's a Mat for Every Doorway

The industrial applications of floor matting are growing more complex as developments in manufacturing techniques progress, according to European Cleaning Journal. Mat companies are constantly coming up with new features and functions for matting, available in contemporary product ranges.

Shape mats are one such innovation. Industrial and retail establishments often favour innovative and unusual entrance designs for their buildings, like revolving doors. Manufacturers design shape mats to fit those unusual entrances.

Logo mats and photo mats combine elegant visual design with the traditional matting function. Using an image provided by the customer, manufacturers can produce mats emblazoned with company logos, or even photos of a new product line, which is ideal for marketing campaigns and promotional events.

Anti fatigue mats are specially crafted to offer traction and durability, with the perfect amount of cushion to provide comfort for workers that spend their whole shift standing in one place. This is perfect for workstations operated by bar tenders, cashiers, and assembly line workers. With the added cushion of an anti-fatigue mat, workers can stay productive for longer, with less stress and ache on leg and back muscles.

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