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The best ergonomic standing mats: standing at work made comfortable

What to look for in the perfect ergonomic standing mat.

If you work in an office, you have probably been lectured on the benefits of standing desks multiple times. They improve your posture, keep your core engaged and remove the dreaded health complications related to sitting all day.

What many standing desk advocates forget to mention, though, is that the surface you stand on all day is critical in determining whether standing all day is actually better. The best ergonomic standing mats provide comfort and stability, but all are not made equal.

Standing on a poor quality ergonomic standing mat can be detrimental to health, especially if you think it is doing you good. We have already gone into detail about the benefits of standing desk mats, but that doesn’t help you decide which one to go for.


First, what should you look for in an ergonomic mat for a standing desk?


You would be forgiven for assuming that comfort is the main priority when buying an anti fatigue mat, but stability comes in just before. If your mat gives you comfort at the cost of your stability, it creates more of a hazard than if you didn’t use a mat at all.

The best ergonomic floor mats have enough cushion to provide comfort (see next point) but still allow full balance and movement. For standing desks, mats can be slightly squishier, but workstations that require movement need maximum stability.



Comfort is what most people look for in a mat – it is why you’re buying one after all! The best ergonomic mat is one with enough spring in its surface to let your muscles flex slightly as you stand still.

The ideal standing desk floor mats are noticeably springy underfoot. They provide full comfort and protect the joints, muscles and bones from stiffening under constant pressure. For factories and similar workstations, the best ergonomic anti fatigue mat is comfortable but allows the muscles to subtly flex without compromising stability.


Additional features

As well as its primary use, you might need your ergonomic mat to have additional features too. Depending on your workplace (or wherever else you want to place your mat) there might also be safety features you need to consider. These include:


If your ergonomic floor mat is likely to come into contact with water, it will need to be able to drain. Mats with holes drain water, instead of it pooling on the surface, reducing their chance of creating a slip hazard

Non slip

Slip hazards aren’t just caused by water. Mats that slide around frequently cause accidents, so at least a rubberised backing is crucial for areas that see any foot traffic. Suction cups and rubber surfaces hold mats in place so they don’t create new hazards while protecting workers.

Bevelled edges

Like slip hazards, trip accidents cause falls too. To prevent workers from tripping over the edges of mats, edges can be lightly ramped (bevelled). In some areas, they can also be fitted into a mat recess or across entire floors to remove trip hazards.

Hazard markings

To keep your workers as safe as possible, the best ergonomic standing mats have additional safety markings to warn of potential hazards. Yellow and black striped borders are a popular generic warning, or you can customise your own with a safety message.


Hazard markings aren’t the only design features to look for. Adding logos, messages or patterns to an ergonomic mat can help it to blend with an area. This is particularly important for offices and customer-facing areas that need to be on-brand and safe.

Now you know what makes a great anti fatigue mat, you need to know which ones have all these features! Remember, every application is different, so you can pick and choose features from our range of mats in every category.


So, here are the best ergonomic standing mats

1. Resilient Ultra High Comfort Anti Fatigue Mat


  • The most comfortable ergonomic standing desk mat on the market
  • Very easy to clean
  • Bevelled edges reduce trip hazards and accommodate wheeled traffic


  • High comfort can make it more difficult to balance
  • Not ideal for wet areas

Best Overall: Mainly for standing desks in homes and offices, and stationary dry workstations.


2. Durable PVC Surface Comfort Mat with Black Safety Borders


  • PVC checker plate surface provides slip resistance as well as comfort
  • Does not produce an odour
  • Easy to clean


  • High comfort can make it more difficult to balance
  • Not ideal for wet areas

Best For: Workstations in dry areas that require movement.


3. Ribbed Surface Closed Cell Foam Anti Fatigue Mat 90cm Wide Black With Yellow Safety Border


  • Ribbed surface and non slip backing provides slip resistance as well as comfort
  • Optional safety border for added safety


  • Cannot be worn with high heels

Best For: Standing desks in non-client-facing offices and workstations that require movement.


4. Marble Design Durable PVC Comfort Mat

For client-facing areas or public and commercial spaces, the marble design PVC comfort mat is perfect. Not only does its attractive design look great initially, but it also works to hide dirt too. The white flecks offer a textured look that camouflages dust and debris, making it less obvious than single-coloured surfaces.


  • Attractive marble design
  • Easy to clean


  • Not ideal for wet areas

Best For: Standing desks in client-facing areas and workstations that can be seen by customers.


Best ergonomic mats for standing desks

The best ergonomic standing mats are the ones that offer the most comfort. Standing on an ergonomic floor mat can be the difference between back pain and a miserable working day and a productive, healthy one.

Although the Resilient Ultra High Comfort Anti Fatigue Mat is our all-time favourite, some applications require something more specialised. If you aren’t sure, our team of matxperts are always happy to help with choosing the perfect mat, and our 365-day money-back guarantee lets you buy and try with confidence.

Browse the range of anti fatigue mats and feel free to reach out to one of the team if you need any help at all.

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