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The Resurgence of Synthetic GrassThe Resurgence of Synthetic Grass

Synthetic grass became a popular way of not mowing the lawn during the 1960s, and it appears the trend is back again for many home owners. Having grass that never needs maintenance apart from occasional replacement appeals to those who want a relatively maintenance-free home. There is a big difference between the old, obviously fake, synthetic grass and the variety of products available today. You can now select from a range of lush grass or more mat-like, short, synthetic varieties. As our lifestyles become busier, leaving us with less time for tasks such as mowing and weeding, synthetic lawn is definitely a bonus. It’s also great for pet owners, as they will no longer have patches of dead grass caused by their dog. It is also a lot easier on your entrance mats as kids won't be dragging mud in with them when they play outside on wet grass. Source:
11 years ago