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Report Suggests Link Between Obesity and Increased Risk of Injury

A Government agency health report has claimed that injury and obesity are great health concerns in society, and that the two are probably linked. The report released by the Australian Institute of Health and Welfare (AIHW), Obesity and injury in Australia: a review of the literature, presented a review of existing findings related to the correlation between obesity and injury. According to Professor James Harrison of the AIHW’s National Injury Surveillance Unit, the likelihood of falls, trips, or stumbles rises with obesity. Obesity has also been found to increase the risk of injury in the workplace, Professor Harrison said. Employers should take extra precautions to help prevent the chance of employees slipping and falling while at work. The report noted that the length of an average hospital stay is longer for obese injured patients. Professor Harrison pointed out that obese patients may also require increased respiratory support and are more at risk of suffering from certain complications, such as pneumonia, renal failure and sepsis while in hospital. Source:
11 years ago