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How to Protect and Maintain Hardwood Flooring

Hardwood flooring has a natural beauty and inherent characteristics that  make a home feel beautiful and well lived in.  To ensure that hardwood flooring retains its fabulous look for many years, it’s important to protect it from moisture and wear and tear and care for it with proper maintenance. To protect hardwood floors from getting scratched daily, use cloth furniture protectors under the feet or legs of tables, chairs and heavy furniture.  High heels and shoes can scuff and scratch the floor so consider removing shoes while in the home. There are several products on the market that can be applied to care for hardwood flooring such as wood soaps, cleaners and waxes to buff the floor.  One suggestion is to use water and vinegar sprayed on a sponge mop, which will clean a timber floor effectively while also protecting the finish. Natural timber flooring is susceptible to changes in temperature and has a tendency to expand and contract. This is normally fine unless humidity or a plumbing leak has caused excess moisture or water to sit, which can cause cupping, an abnormal rise and dip in the wooden areas. Be aware of areas where the floor may be cupping and investigate the cause before the floor is ruined.  Once the source is found, the floor can be repaired with sanding or replaced with new planks if the damage is severe. Source:
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