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An Overview of Pool and Shower Mats

Dollarphotoclub_45612095Pool and shower mats increase your safety around water when you decide to go for a swim or take a shower, whether it’s at home, in a hotel, or in an outdoor recreation facility. The benefits of pool and shower mats a) Usage Pool and shower mats can be used at home and in fitness studios, gyms, hotels, resorts and outdoor areas. An example of a good pool/shower mat is a heavy duty PVC loop mat. You can put it around the swimming pool, in change rooms, on a ramp, next to the bathtub, or at the entrance of your shower compartment. As an entrance mat, debris will fall through the mat and keep the surface clean and dry. With mats specifically for showering, you can either place it on the shower or bathtub floor or outside the bathtub or shower depending on the type of mat you have, e.g. rubber or fabric. b) Surface The heavy duty PVC loop mat has a flexible, spaghetti-like surface that allows water and dirt to flow through the mat and makes it easy to clean. The surface is also buoyant, offering comfort for your bare feet as you walk on it. The PVC loop is made from PVC filaments that are resistant to UV and bonded together to create a non-slip surface. And like other PVC floor mats, it can resist many kinds of chemicals. Shower mats can have a rubber or fabric surface, which also provide comfort. They keep you safe as well, since the surface can help prevent you from slipping and falling as you enter and exit the shower or bathtub. Furthermore, a fabric shower mat is good for drying your feet. c) Colour and size You can choose the colour and size of the pool or shower mat that you want to use. For example, a heavy duty PVC loop mat comes in various colours, including black, blue and grey. And it also comes in two different sizes, such as 800mm x 500mm and 10,000mm x 1200mm. How to clean pool and shower mats a) Pool mat With a pool or shower mat like the heavy duty PVC loop mat, the water and dirt within the mat can be drained away easily just by shaking it out. Or you can use a low-pressure hose and mild detergent to clean the mat. b) Shower mat Rubber shower mats can be cleaned in the bathtub or the washing machine.
  • Bathtub – Lift up the mat so that the suction cups are no longer stuck to the floor and lie it down at the bottom of the bathtub. Then use warm water to fill the bathtub. After this, open the window for fresh air, wear gloves and pour two cups of chlorine bleach into the water. If the mat has mildew or smells bad, let it sit for a few hours. Then use a clean brush with bristles to scrub the whole mat. And finally, empty the bathtub and rinse the mat thoroughly.
  • Washing machine – Along with the mat, put other soft items inside, like towels and washcloths. These could scrub the mat as they all get washed. Then set your machine to the gentle cycle with hot water. After the washing machine stops, take out the mat and hang dry it. Don’t put the mat in a dryer because it will warp and damage the rubber.
With a fabric shower mat, you can also clean it in the washing machine, along with other linen items. But make sure to check for special care instructions on the mat’s labels. If the mat has stains, apply a stain remover solution on the stained area and let it sit for five minutes. Then put it in the washing machine and use hot water as this will get rid of any mildew and bacteria. Finally, hang it out to dry.
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