New production set up allows Matshop to greatly reduce Logo Mat turnaround time
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New production set up allows Matshop to greatly reduce Logo Mat turnaround time

Matshop’s dedication to excellent customer service has seen the arrival of a completely automated printing line which will work to effectively reduce lead times and ensure that quality products are delivered every time. This inkjet printing machine is designed to print carpet using a full-colour method allowing very detailed images to be reproduced onto the Logo Mats. This includes a large variety of designs, colours and gradients to be achieved and even photo-realistic images.

Inkjet printing gives the most durable printing compared to any other printing method on mats. This is because the colour penetrates the entire nylon fibre the whole way down until the rubber backing of the mat, this colour is then heat set into the carpet to ensure long colourfast life and then goes through a process where a fabric protector agent is applied protecting the printing and preventing staining.

Although the process sounds complicated it is completely automated, the plain white carpet goes into the machine and is inkjet printed using high pressure and lightning-fast seeds allowing for the minutest details to be displayed on the mat, following this the mat then passes through a steaming oven that heat sets the dyes and allows for permanent colour fastness then the fabric is washed down to remove excess and finally it is fully dried in the finishing oven.

The mats are then ready to box immediately and despatch meaning your mats arrive faster and with an unequalled quality finish and a lifelong colourfast imprint. For further information visit the standard size mats page here or the custom made to size page here. To contact our sales team or to request your own free artwork proof to show you how your finished mat will look simply email our sales team at [email protected] or call 1300 MATSHOP (1300 628 746).

10 years ago