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Medical Anti Fatigue Mats: The 2021 Ultimate Guide

How to choose anti fatigue mats that will keep your hospital happy.

It’s no revelation that doctors and nurses get tired. Being on their feet all day dealing with sick people is bound to be exhausting. As well as constantly feeling like they want to take a nap, medical staff that stand all day are prone to muscle fatigue and pain.

Medical anti fatigue mats are a great way for medics to give their joints and muscles some respite from hard hospital floors. By standing on a soft surface, we allow our muscles to flex and adjust from the pressure we put them under.

Keeping hospital staff healthy is obviously the most important reason to invest in anti fatigue matting, but something less well known is the return on investment.

Comfortable workers have been proven to be more productive, which is why comfortable hospitals see fewer accidents and shorter treatment times.

This guide is for medical anti fatigue mats, but for anti fatigue matting in general, check out the ultimate guide to buying anti fatigue mats.


Deciding where to place anti fatigue mats in hospitals

The obvious area that needs anti fatigue mats is surgery, but even patient spaces can be made safer with mats. Waiting rooms might not be the first place that you think to install anti fatigue matting, but many patients need some assistance standing.

Disabled and injured people that cannot stand for prolonged periods often find that standing on an anti fatigue mat creates simple tasks out of those that are usually difficult.

A mat in front of reception desks or bathroom sinks might be the difference between a patient needing assistance with a task or not.

For patients with mobility problems, a sturdy but supportive mat is best. Low profile anti fatigue mats that are firmer than those used by surgeons or office workers provide flexibility for the feet without making stability any harder.


Being close to the floor also prevents low profile mats from causing an additional trip hazard, and bevelled edges can make them even safer.

People in hospital are usually sick or injured, which makes some tasks messier than they would be elsewhere. For areas that get dirty from incontinence and other spillages, anti fatigue mats can double up as a hygiene measure.

Antimicrobial anti fatigue hospital mats are perfect for placing in a shower recess to provide comfort and warmth underfoot. This is the best way to keep your areas clean and free from bacteria growth.


Choosing anti fatigue mats for hospitals

Safety and sanitation are paramount for any medical setting, but some areas have other needs too. Anywhere that is likely to see water, such as bathroom and kitchen areas, needs a mat with adequate drainage to deal with it.

Anti fatigue mats with holes in the surface are great for moving water away from the surface of the mat and holding it in the holes by the floor. These are great for anywhere that might see an increased slip hazard from liquid, but they aren’t the best option for all areas.

Places that need to be completely sterile, such as surgery and emergency rooms, need mats that are easy to clean while offering relief to tired doctors. Anti fatigue mats with holes or grooves are not ideal for such scenarios, as the water and dirt collected must be cleaned.

high comfort mat with a smooth surface is a better option for areas that need that maximum cleanliness. They are the most comfortable mat as well as being the easiest to clean. Doctors, surgeons and even patients with back problems will be able to stand pain-free.

For an added cleaning boost, pair your anti fatigue mats with a cleanroom mat outside the door. A sticky lab mat is made of super sticky plastic strips that catch dirt and dust from shoes, wheels and anything else that passes overhead.


Cleaning surgical anti fatigue mats

Cleanliness is never more important than it is in a medical setting, so keeping your surgical mats clean is vital. If you needed holes, easy clean nitrile anti fatigue mats can be cleaned with just a mop or commercial laundry.

For any areas that don’t need holes, all our anti fatigue mats are really easy to clean. Just use a vacuum cleaner and a mop to have it sparkling in seconds. For the easiest clean, choose an anti fatigue mat with a solid surface.

Our solid surfaced anti fatigue mat can also be printed with a logo. Adding your logo to any mat is a fantastic marketing technique that needs no funding once its installed.

As hospitals don’t need to advertise per se, safety messages and encouraging words are another way to personalise your hospital’s anti fatigue mats.

The best thing about the resilient anti fatigue mat is that it can be autoclaved. We are proud to be the first company in Australia to have autoclave mats. Being able to use your usual methods of sterilisation makes these mats even easier to incorporate.

Sterile, supportive, sturdy and slip-free. With quick and easy cleaning, your anti fatigue mats keep your floors cleaner and your people safer for longer.


Every hospital needs anti fatigue mats

Anti fatigue mats for hospitals are a crucial safety feature. Preventing muscle fatigue, back and joint pain and slips, trips and falls lets doctors and patients go about their day as easily as possible.

Gone are the days that anti fatigue mats created extra work for everyone. With our easy clean range including holed and solid surfaced designs, even your cleaners will agree that surgical anti fatigue mats and a win-win.

Investing in anti fatigue matting now will ultimately save you money in the long run. Happier, more comfortable hospital workers are more productive and empathetic to their patients.

Our reviews speak for themselves with the comfort they provide our customers. It is strange to think that a mat might change a person’s life, but you simply cannot put a price on being comfortable at work.

If you would like some help choosing a mat of any sort, our team of friendly matxperts are just a click away.

For more information about anti fatigue matting in general, check out our round-up of the studies that prove they work.

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