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Keeping Floors Clean in the Workplace

Keeping a clean floor in the workplace is not just about presentation. Having clean floors also helps with worker and customer safety and can prevent slips and falls. Here are some simple tips for improving your floor's cleanliness without having to clean too much:
  • Keep dirt outside - reducing the amount of dust, dirt and mud that enters your business can be difficult if you have a lot of foot traffic. Placing mats across the entranceway and others through high traffic areas will dramatically reduce the amount of dirt tracked throughout your building.
  • Remove clutter - clutter around your business not only looks untidy, but it can contribute to the buildup of dust, dirt and grime.
  • Regular cleaning - you won't be able to completely prevent all dirt, water and other floor grime, so you need to have a regular cleaning regime. Clean up bigger spills and dirt as soon as they are spotted.
  • Clean according to flooring - you won't be able to mop your carpet, and vacuuming has little effect on hard floors, which means you have to clean differently for different materials.
2013-08-20 07:59:21