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Why Introduce A New Matting System

There are a range of situations in which companies should introduce a new, high performance matting system to their company.
  1. There is currently no matting. While this is rare, there are some facilities that don’t have entry mats, which can be very dangerous to the health and safety of anyone in the building.
  2. A fall has occurred. If a fall has occurred, one of the first things that insurance companies look for is evidence of a reliable matting system.
  3. Soil build-up. If surrounding flooring is getting dirty, it could be due to a lack of adequate matting. Entranceways should have at least one square metre of matting.
  4. The current mats are changing in appearance. If existing mats are becoming torn or frayed, they should be replaced.
  5. A change in seasons. New matting is usually needed when the seasons change.
  6. Mats are currently being rented. Renting mats can prove more expensive than buying in the long term.
  7. The current mats don’t promote the business. Logo mats should be used to help market the business.
11 years ago