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How to Relieve Muscle and Joint Pain in Your Garage

For anybody that works while standing up, a long shift usually ends with sore feet, sore leg muscles, and in most cases a sore back. In long-standing professions, muscle and joint pains regularly lead to discomfort, fatigue, and lost productivity. Craftsmen, chefs, and bartenders are particularly vulnerable to these aches and pains, because their position doesn't allow for sitting down.

However, these mats aren't just for the workplace - they're great to use if you stand for long periods of time working in your garage too, according to AllGarageFloors. The mats are an innovation designed specifically to relieve the joint and muscle pains associated with standing up for a long period. Fabricated using soft yet supportive materials, anti-fatigue mats provide a layer of cushioning between feet and hard floor surfaces.

When standing on an anti-fatigue mat , leg and back muscles operate in smaller movements to keep the body upright on the soft matting. Because those muscles are making smaller, and more frequent adjustments, they generate more blood flow, and reduce muscle fatigue.

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