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How To Minimize Fatigue Amongst Standing Workers

Keeping employees in a state of productivity and efficiency is a big part of managing a successful business. Energised and alert employees will perform their duty well, but when fatigue sets in, mistakes can happen, and that's bad for business.

Standing workers that remain on their feet for a shift's duration are particularly prone to fatigue by way of sore muscles and painful joints in the feet, leg and back, according to Ultimate Mats Blog.

A simple way to address the issue of standing fatigue is to furnish workstations with anti-fatigue mats. Fabricated from a cushioned material, standing on an anti-fatigue mat stimulates muscles in the legs and back, so that they perform small but frequent balancing adjustments. The adjustments aren't tiring because they're so small, but because of the frequent muscular activity, blood vessels in affected areas stay open and active.

Retail cashiers, assembly line workers, chefs, kitchen hands, bartenders and hair stylists all work on their feet for hours on end. Providing workers in these positions with anti-fatigue mats will protect against fatigue, and maximise productivity.

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