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How to effortlessly boost your sales with branded logo mats

The 7-step secret to getting branded logo mats right

If you’ve ever walked into a big business’ reception, you might have been amazed by the smart front desk and big branding behind it. Corporations spend huge amounts of money on giving clients and customers the right first impression because we all know by now that first impressions last.

Obviously, not every small business can afford a fancy entrance, which is why branded logo mats are a fantastic way to impress clients on a budget.

Not only do logo mats look smart, but they genuinely increase your sales for one reason: brand recall.

People remember, even if subconsciously, the things that they see. If they visit 5 different businesses that day, though, they are bound to all blend into one. Adding subtle visual reminders is one of the best ways to distinguish yourself and encourage brand recall. Entrance mats are also critical for health and safety, so it makes perfect sense to make your mats multitask!

The catch is: you've got to get it right. A low-quality entrance can tarnish a reputation as steadily as a high-quality one can boost it. So, here is how to make sure your branded logo mats are saying the right things about your business.


1. Keep it clean

You wouldn’t be very impressed if you queued up at the Louvre to see the Mona Lisa and it was covered in dust! For the same reason, anything displaying your company’s branding should be spick and span.

Learn how your branded logo mat is properly maintained and follow the manufacturer’s guidelines. Most mats will come with mat cleaning instructions and if it doesn’t…look for a better one.


2. Keep it classy…or not

Keeping it classy is critical if your business is a luxury hotel or a nail salon, but if you’re a children’s entertainer, you will want to go a little more fun.

The most important tone to follow is the one that suits your brand best. Hopefully, if you’re at the stage of ordering merchandise, you know what your brand’s tone is. If not – stop right now and go do your research.

Tone-deaf or off-brand promotional materials can harm your customer’s impression of you, which is exactly why we’re giving you this guide!


3. Invest in the best

Alongside keeping your branded logo mat on-brand, you need to make sure it is a high-quality mat to begin with. Unless you’re going for a cheap, tacky look, it won’t do you much good to have a cheap, tacky entrance mat.

While it can be tempting to go for the cheapest possible option, investing a little in a better-quality mat can ultimately save you money on maintenance and replacements.


4. Make sure it works

The most beautifully branded logo mat in the world is useless if it isn’t fully functional. A mat with a hilarious quip that trips someone up will not leave a good impression, and a branded door mat surrounded by water will not look very convincing.

If your personalised mat is in the doorway, make it super-absorbent and set it into a well. If it’s in the middle of a hallway, give it ramped edges and a low profile.

What ‘works’ will completely depend on your individual brief, but if you’re not sure what you need, one of our matting experts will be happy to help.


5. Add a catchy slogan

People see thousands of logos every single day, so unless yours is particularly fascinating, you might need something else to go along with it.

A shocking, hilarious or controversial statement goes a very long way. If you can hold a customer’s attention for even half a second, you have already beaten the majority of other logos they’ve seen that day.


6. Distribute wisely

An advert for a steakhouse at a vegan convention isn’t a great idea, and there are loads of places that your brand won’t fit in, too. It isn’t a bad thing. If you were everyone’s cup of tea…you’d be a mug.

So, choose your placement carefully and make sure the people you’re attracting to your brand are the people that will find your services useful. The right customers = higher conversions = higher sales.


7. Place it proudly

Just like how that steakhouse isn’t getting any business, a branded logo mat out the back of the staff area won’t boost your conversions either! Make sure your mat is placed proudly where the highest number of your perfect customers will see it.

After all, it is going to be a relevant, great quality, on-brand, fully functional and clean mat with a catchy slogan, so why hide it?


Here are some examples of brands that have perfected the art of mat-based advertising:

Peter Alexander, TAS

A cute nightwear brand needs an equally cute entrance mat! On top of the on-brand pink, the mat is made of coir - giving Peter Alexander brownie points for being environmentally conscious.

A coir entrance mat with pink embroidered lettering saying <3 Peter x


Commonwealth Bank, NSW

Everyone in Australia knows CommBank, so they don't need their name emblazoned across their entranceway. The subtle icon logo paired with classy lettering places this business as a brand that can be trusted to take your money seriously.

A floor mat lays in the entrance to the Commonwealth Bank. The mat is black with bevelled edges and the logo is printed in the top with the address underneath.


Grosvenor Apartments, QLD

Grosvenor is one of Brisbane's most prestigious residences, so it's only right that they have the entrance mat to match. A classy logo on an attractive mat that doesn't skimp on effectiveness, Grosvenor have done their brand the justice it deserves.


The 7-step secret to getting branded logo mats right

Now that you know exactly how to make your branded logo mat do all the legwork for you, you can sit back and watch the sales flood in.

Ah, if only.

It’s not that simple, but an on-brand aesthetic goes a long way in increasing customer and prospect recall, so follow these steps for a head start.

If you need help deciding which mat you need or an answer to any mat-related query, our friendly team of matxperts are just a phone call away.

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