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How to customise a door mat

A step-by-step guide to customising your door mat, plus design tips and tricks!

Custom floor mats are a cost-effective marketing campaign that continues promoting your business long after you’ve laid it down. In homes, they are a great way to welcome visitors while giving them a small glimpse of what your family is about.

If you want to customise a door mat, but don't know how, look no further. Here is our step-by-step guide (plus our expert design tips!) to make it that little bit easier:


How to customise a door mat: step-by-step

Customising your door mat is easy. Just choose the mat you want, send us your design and leave the rest to us. Here is a step-by-step guide to creating your perfect customised door mat:


Step 1: Choose your mat

Choose from our range of customisable door mats. We have non slip rubber door mats, absorbent inside entrance mats or even anti fatigue mats that you can customise.


Step 2: Choose your design

Businesses, select the logo you want to add to your mat. This is usually a combination logo – one that includes your brand name and your brand’s logo. You should consider the colour of the mat and choose the most high-contrast logo colourway you have in your brand toolkit.

If you are creating something other than a logo mat, you will need to create your design. If you don’t already have it, Canva is a great place for anyone without design skills to create awesome artwork!

For help matching your design to your mat, request a copy of the colour chart at [email protected].


Step 3: Send us your design

Send your logo or other design to [email protected]. Our graphic designers will then create a proof (mock-up image showing how your design will look on the mat) and send it back to your free of charge.


Step 4: Check, edit and approve the proof

Take your time reviewing the proof, once production has begun it is very difficult to make amendments without further costs. Check the colours, fonts and print size all look how you expect.

Also, check the quality of the image or design you sent. Some mats use printing methods that produce a much clearer and more complex design than others. For more information on the different printing methods and their benefits, check out this buying guide for logo mats.


Step 5: Pay for your order

You don’t have to pay anything until we have created your proof and you are happy with it. Once you have approved your new mat’s design, go back to the website and order the mat. You can do this beforehand if you prefer, or our sales team can assist you over the phone.


Step 6: Receive your mat

Once you’ve paid and the mat is in production, all there is to do is sit back and wait! Our usual lead time for customised mats is 2-4 weeks, but regional areas can take longer.


Some dos and don’ts:

Do match your colours

There is nothing worse than buying something online and realising it’s the wrong colour when it arrives.

We use Pantone’s PMS colour matching system to ensure your customised mat has your correct brand colours. For mats with less colour choice, you can choose from our palette beforehand.


Don’t go for your most intricate design

If you want a long-lasting and effective mat, your printing options are more limited. Printing onto the best quality mats is a more difficult job, and we can generally only get a handful of different colours on the top-level mats.

We do offer full-image printed mats, but these are best for low-traffic areas or single-event use such as brand activations.


Do use white

It is a misconception that you shouldn’t use white on a customised door mat. Many of our mats are black, so white shoes up well on them.

You might want to reconsider large areas of white as they do show dirt more easily than other colours. If your logo or design does have a lot of white, you will want to clean it regularly. But, you should do that anyway!


Don’t forget about practicality

You are placing your brand front and centre, but there is probably another reason you need a door mat.

Consider your needs and choose the mat that matches the goal you have in mind. If you want something to protect your customers from slips, trips and falls, go for a non slip logo mat. If you need something to make cleaning easier, choose an absorbent one.


How to choose a door mat design

While health and safety always comes first, design is important too! This is completely up to you, but we have customised a lot of door mats over the years. Here are some of the most popular styles for different applications:


For businesses:

Depending on your brand, your business’ custom door mat will probably be something smart and crisp with just a few on-brand colours. Some brands have a very casual personality and might want something funny or unique. But, most of our customers go for simple logos with their brand name alongside.


For homes:

Custom door mats for homes often say ‘Welcome’ with the family name underneath. These styles are usually a lot more casual and may also have images or a funny phrase. Coir is the most popular material for home door mats, but artificial coir is a great option if you don’t want to deal with the negatives of coir matting.


For residential spaces:

Residential buildings often have the most basic style of door mats. If you manage a building, you want something that appeals to everyone: families with children, young professionals, elderly couples. For such a variety of people, smart and simple is the way to go.


Customising a door mat is simple with our team of friendly matxperts on hand to guide you. For more personalised advice, get in touch using the chat function below, or call 1300 628 746.

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