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How To Choose the Right Chair Mat for Your Office

Office design often rests upon two features: nice flooring, and a comfy chair. Flooring is often the biggest part of an office, so it's essential for tying the colour scheme together. An office chair is the most used item in the room, so it should be comfortable.

Unfortunately, there are some difficulties that arise when combining a desk chair with office flooring. Most office chairs come with wheels for easy movement. But those wheels can really damage floor surfaces, whether hard or carpeted.

Thankfully there are chair mats to prevent office chair wheels from damaging your flooring. Chair mats often come in two main materials: Polycarbonate, and Polypropylene. Both materials are durable, and come in hard floor and carpeted versions. Carpeted chair mats have small studs that protrude from their underside to keep the mat in place even when the desk chair is sliding around on top of it.

According to, with the right type of chair mat, a cushy, comfy desk chair can happily coexist with that perfect flooring surface, without any wheel-scratches or prematurely worn carpet fibres.

11 years ago